Test Bikes

Have you thought about taking the opportunity to try something different, like trying out a new bike?

Here at Momentum Brentwood we are delighted to be able to offer test some  Specialized 2017 bikes for you to try before you buy, including the all new 2017 Roubaix, Ruby, Stumpjumper, Enduro, Venge ViAS and more.

Our job is matching the right bikes to the right riders.  It’s really important that your new bike is comfortable, fits you properly and is right for your riding style. That’s why we offer our customers the use of our extensive test fleet from Specialized.  You can have the opportunity to take out a bike you like the look of for a whole day to really get the feel of it and make sure it’s the right bike for you.

A test ride will also help you compare different bikes and make sure your new bike suits your needs exactly. To test ride one of our bikes please you will need to register your interest and we will contact you when the test bike of your choosing arrives in our shop.

We have several 2017 bikes in our test fleet with more arriving soon for you to test ride. We don’t have the space to hold all the sizes and range, but if you have a specific bike you would like to try let us know because for some bikes, we can order the bike in for a test ride especially for you, and there’s no obligation.

Once you’ve picked the bike you would like to ride, we’ll tune the suspension to suit your riding style, size and weight, if you’re riding on a Full Suspension bike this will help improve your experience.  If you have your own preferred pedals or saddles then bring them along and we’ll fit them for you.



  • Debit or Credit card
  • Photoidentification  (Passport or Drivers licence)

On the day

  • We will take a refundable* charge of £45 for the day and £60 for two days including the weekend.
  • We will take a pre-authorisation of £250 off yourcredit or debit card. Please note, this is not a payment.
  • We require you to provide photo identification*
    (If photo identification is not provided then we require full payment for the most expensive bike being tested which will be refunded once the bike is returned)

* Both the debit or credit card and the photo identification will be retained by the store whilst the test ride takes place. The day and two charge will be refunded if you purchase a bike from us.

  • The store will take your photograph using a digital camera, the picture will be deleted once you have returned from the test ride.
  • You will be asked to complete a quick test ride form.

Once the above is complete you are free to take your bike or equipment away to test.

So if you’d like to book a test today then don’t hesitate contact us or phone us on 01277 201116